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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Fan Report from Obama Evening...

Song Choices...

When The Sun Comes Out
Make Someone Happy
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
My Shining Hour

The event started at 7:30, but no performances until 9:00 when Raul Esparza (He starred in the recent "Company" revival) came out and sang America accapella. Then a singer named Ben Harper sang two songs.

Then 5 musicians came out, (piano, guitar, drums, base guitar and electronic keyboard that was used as a horn section). At 9:30 came a voice over introduction, and Barbra came out. Very blonde, in black pants and blouse with a sparkly black cardigan-type top, with a diamond necklace and a large square cut emerald.

She launched into When The Sun Comes Out. Her voice was a little husky in the midrange, but she was in good voice and hit the high notes. She talked about being a little girl in Hebrew school and learning that if you can help save one person, you can save the world.

Then into "Make Someone Happy". During the second half of the song she changed the lyrics to be about Obama: "We'll rally 'round him." She seemed happy with it and the pianist gave her a positive nod.

She then said she wasn't here to make speeches, but if you check her website in a couple days, you can see her vent.

She then sang What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life. Great job again.

She was next scheduled to sing Smile (I saw a technician's set list) but she dropped it and went on to the last song of the evening...

My Shining Hour. Big ovation and then she introduced Obama.

When he came out they hugged and whispered to each other for 20 seconds or so. Then he shook the musician's hands and started his speech.

A couple of other things, after the first or second song she had noticed all the flashes and said, "Are those cell phones or cameras? I was told that there wouldn't be reporters here. Or are you YouTube junkies?"

Her set was only about 20 minutes.

It wasn't reserved seating, although the first two rows were reserved for special guests. I was 7th row center. Very close and close to the end of the last song I went up the aisle to the front and was 15 feet from her.

Lots of celebs: Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Foxx, Sara Silverman, Laura Dern are the ones I saw.

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