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Monday, 2 August 2010

What's Up, Doc? Mini-review.

I was thrilled to see an advanced copy of "What's Up, Doc?" Blu-ray waiting for me on the doormat yesterday as I returned from vacation. I have to be honest -- I didn't know what to expect when I put the disc on. After all, the movie is 38 years old. What magic could be done to transfer the movie to Blu-ray to make it so different to the DVD disc?

Well I had no reason to worry.

As I watched the movie for the first time in Blu-ray, I was blown away at how crisp and clear it was. It was like watching a new movie. If someone told me that it was filmed in 2010, I would have probably believed them! The details are so perfect that you can actually see how blue Barbra's eyes are -- and the sound is so clear that you can hear every bit of background music, such as the scene with Judy Maxwell standing in the lobby near the beginning of the movie.

Barbra's commentary throughout the movie is hilarious too.

"Hi, this is Barbra... Streisand"... As if she needs any introduction? And it's reassuring to know that even Barbra was confused with the suitcases -- even she didn't know who's was who!

"I always like stretched clothes... and I wore stretched satin. I remember singing in black satin, in concerts, because it was easy to breathe, sing and move".

"My hair was so straight in those days. It gets curlier as you get older". And so on. I'm no technical expert, but all in all, Warner Bros have done a wonderful job transferring this movie to Blu-ray.

It's a must for anyone's collection. The colors are remarkable, and the sound is crisp.

Let's hope we see just as good results with other movies such as Funny Girl, The Way We Were, Prince of Tides and all the others.

Since next year is the 20th anniversary of Prince of Tides, it would be nice if Sony pushed the boat out - and released a deluxe edition of the movie - including all of the wonderful behind-the-scenes footage that Barbra worked on in the early 90s, which were due to be released on Laserdisc - but shelved at the last moment. Bonus features included camera tests, rehearsal footage, additional endings, deleted scenes and so much more. Sony -- if you're listening?

What's Up, Doc? is released on August 10. Order your copy here:


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