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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Don't Miss This Fan Auction!

For the ultimate fan: a collection of Barbra Streisand memorabilia from this summer’s extraordinary European tour, that featured four of Broadway’s best men – Michael Arden, Peter Lockyer, Sean McDermott and Hugh Panaro.

This includes:
The European VIP souvenir brochure, signed by Ms. Streisand, as well as Mssrs. Arden, Lockyer, McDermott and Panaro

3 different CD versions of the European Concert (each including songs not on the others) (Correction: This should read US concerts)

A London T-shirt

An advance copy of the yet unreleased DVD of Ms. Streisand’s European tour (to be sent to you after the Flea Market, but before it hits stores) BarbraNews Note: This is the US DVD, and not a Europe DVD.

Your own limited edition photograph of Ms. Streisand, an extraordinary 29" x 29" canvas by Steve Shapiro

COURTESY OF Barbra Streisand with special thanks to Richard Jay-Alexander and Kim Skalecki.
Opening Bid: $200

Click here for the Broadway Cares Website. Sorry for the lateness of this post -- we only just found out about it!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Truth Alert


Rush Limbaugh is plugging a new book whose conservative agenda attacks liberals. But the facts the book alleges about Barbra Streisand, as reported in the WorldNetDaily website, just aren’t factual. The website, celebrating Limbaugh’s breathless praising of the book, says, “It points out how Barbra Streisand, while lamenting the way labor unions are treated in this country, gets all of her movies produced in Canada."

Ms. Streisand has, in fact, made all of the feature films she has produced (through her Barwood Productions) in the United States, with the exception of “Yentl” which required filming on locations in Eastern Europe closely approximating the setting of the story. All of her other features were set in and filmed in the United States, with full use of American labor union talents and observation of union regulations.

Credit: BarbraStreisand.com with permission.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Republican Attempt to Steal California's Votes

Republican Attempt to Steal California's Votes
by Barbra Streisand.

Karl Rove may have resigned as the President’s chief strategist, but the dirty and secretive tricks that have characterized the Republican Party in recent years are still here to stay. Leading California Republicans are promoting a dishonest initiative that steals electoral votes from California, a democratic state. Republicans attempting to steal votes in a major election? This smells all too familiar.

The initiative, crafted by a lawyer for the California Republican Party and member of the group misleadingly called "Californians for Equal Representation,” proposes to divide California's electoral votes based on results in each congressional district, rather than award the entire 55 electoral votes to the winner of the statewide popular vote. Proposed for the California ballot in June 2008, where voter turn-out is extremely low, this initiative would essentially give the next Republican presidential candidate as many as 19 additional votes--almost equal to all the electoral votes from Ohio and nearly all from Florida!

For many voters, this initiative upon first glance seems logical and fair. However, in the context of the rest of the country, where large red states in particular would still award their electoral votes to the candidate who won the popular vote, this ballot initiative is completely imbalanced and undemocratic. There is no way this initiative would create a more fair and balanced voting system in our country, unless it was uniformly adopted by ALL states.

This initiative shines a glaring spotlight on Republican hypocrisy. Republicans want to continue the same winner-take-all system in other big states that they consistently win, like Texas and Indiana. However, they want Democrats to share the electoral votes in California, a big blue state with the country’s most electoral votes. Democrats have been carrying California in recent elections. Even if Democrats were to win the state in 2008, Republicans would still get a substantial number of electoral votes under this new law.

If passed, this initiative would make a democratic victory in any major election extremely difficult. We can not let the Republican Party pull the wool over our eyes and steal yet another election.

Please visit Californians for Fair Election Reform to sign a petition in support of rejecting the GOPs California electoral power grab: http://www.fairelectionreform.com/

And visit the Courage Campaign’s web site to sign their petition and learn more about this important issue. http://www.couragecampaign.org/page/content/20for20onActBlue/

Above by Barbra Streisand -- and taken from BarbraStreisand.com with permission.

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