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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Barbra Streisand Endorses Hillary Clinton

Legendary filmmaker, artist, and Democratic activist, Barbra Streisand, today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Streisand cited Clinton's ability to bring about change and the historic nature of her campaign as reasons why she is supporting Hillary's candidacy.

"Madame President of the United States...it's an extraordinary thought. We truly are in a momentous time, where a woman's potential has no limitations," said Streisand. "Hillary Clinton has already proven to a generation of women that there are no limits for success. She is driven by her passion for public service and her belief in the enormous potential of our country. Smart, capable and strong in her convictions, Hillary has transcended the dictates of what is thought to be possible for our time.

"Hillary is a powerful voice for change as we find our country at an important crossroads. Under her leadership, our country will regain its respect within the global community. She will prioritize issues of global climate change, universal healthcare and rebuilding a strong economy. After 8 long years, the public will once again have faith in their government.

"Another former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, 'In government, in business, and in the professions there may be a day when women will be looked upon as persons. We are, however, far from that day as yet.' More than 50 years later 'that day' is now upon us...and Hillary Clinton is ready to shatter through that glass ceiling for all women."

Streisand has been working on behalf of Democratic candidates for over forty years, performing at fundraisers and participating in campaign events. In addition, the Streisand Foundation has raised millions for causes including the environment, women's equality as well as human and civil rights and liberties.

"I'm honored to have Barbra's support," said Clinton. "Barbra has used her immense talent to be an advocate for truth, justice, and fairness and I deeply appreciate her confidence in my candidacy as we work together to change the direction of our nation."

Barbra Streisand is a singer, theatre and film actress, composer, film producer and director. She has won Oscars for Best Actress and Best Original Song as well as multiple Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards. She is considered one of the most commercially and critically successful female entertainers in modern history.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Barbra Performs In Vegas.

Barbra Streisand performed in the Theatre of Performing Arts in the Casino and Earth Wind and Fire during the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Gala Grand opening on last night (Saturday), in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was an exact year ago, to the week -- that Barbra performed at the MGM Grand in Vegas, as part of her recording breaking 2006 US/Canada Tour.

Barbra performed 9 songs in total -- all taken from her 2006 / 2007 set lists -- including The Way We Were, Come Rain Or Come Shine, Funny Girl Medley (inc. My Man / Funny Girl) and Evergreen.

The previous night, Barbra attended a show -- here is a report sent into BarbraNews:

Last night, Barbra attended the 10pm performace of Cirque du Soleil's The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage. Her party included Jim, Marty Hom, Richard Jay Alexander, Jay Landers, Renata (so super nice! I wasn't expecting her to have an accent, where is she from?), and a woman named Kendall. I had the priviledge of meeting her car and walking the group to their seats! It was amazing!

She was so much taller than I had expected. Sweet, polite, interested, and excited are all words I would use to describe her demenor. She had absolutley no makeup on and looked fabulous. Everyone was commenting on how fantastic she looked. (And I know this is weird, but she smelled great too!!) I think she could tell I was nervous, because as she was walking next to me, she but her arm around my shoulder and said "thanks for assisting us cutie!". I almost died.

I brought her a small bottle of Pellegrino, which she enjoyed. She travels with a super cute boy named John. He is her security for the past 3 years. It's all still super surreal. After the show, she stopped to take a few pictures with cast members. She couldn't stop raving about how much she loved LOVE!

More coming soon.

In this photo provided by Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, celebrities meet with Barbra Streisand following her private performance for the grand opening of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007. Pictured, back row left to right, Sylvester Stallone, James Brolin, Tracey Edmonds, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Spacey, Ashton Kutcher. Front row left to right, Rhea Perman, Danny DeVito, Barbra Streisand, and Demi Moore.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Josh Brolin on Step Mom, Streisand.

Josh Brolin talks about his relationship with Barbra -- his stepmom.

...I have a wonderful relationship with her. It’s a very friendly one. She’s a very curious soul. She asks a lot of questions. She’s very interested in people. When you’re given the gift that she has, I can’t imagine that you’re treated humanly very often. It’s always, “This” instead of “Just this.” She’s a wonderful lady. I am happy for both of them (Barbra and father)."

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Friday, 9 November 2007

Barbra Lends Support to Fire Victims

Super-investor Ron Burkle hosted an event at his historic Beverly Hills estate.
By Tina Daunt, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 9, 2007

The billionaire hosted the gathering, an intimate affair with a small group of his richest and most famous friends -- the kind of people you can count on in a crisis.

There was a former president, a princess, a diva, a rock star, a famous local quarterback and the one-time king of the NBA court.

They began arriving around 4 p.m. Saturday at super-investor Ron Burkle's historic Beverly Hills estate, Green Acres. The cause that brought them together was a serious one and a little closer to home than most: the wildfires that swept through Southern California, leaving thousands of people homeless and in need. Burkle and company wanted to lend a hand.

The guests, about 50 in all, were greeted by a doorman and guided down a windowed hallway to Burkle's living room, ball-room-sized with paneled walls, plush couches and bright David Hockney paintings. The California Highway Patrol's dignitary detail kept watch near the main gate outside.

This was about as exclusive as a Hollywood get-together gets -- power, money, talent with a focus.

Former President Bill Clinton, the guest of honor, worked his way through the crowd, shaking hands and giving out hugs to people who have become old friends. Barbra Streisand, wearing a black beret, took a seat on the couch.

Laker legend Magic Johnson, towering over everyone else, mingled in the back. Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, stood next to his girlfriend as she rocked their newborn baby.

One-time USC quarterback Rodney Peete was there, as was a Saudi princess, who arrived with socialite Daphna Ziman.

There was casual conversation for about half an hour, then onto the raison d'être: raising money to help those who had lost everything in the fire. Clinton took center stage.

"Because of the nature of a disaster of this magnitude, there will be significant gaps in assistance," he told the group. "Even people with insurance will be in need."

In recent weeks, a number of celebs have stepped forward to help. Pop star Gwen Stefani donated ticket proceeds from her recent San Diego show to fire victims.

Members of the Eagles donated $50,000 to firefighters, as did members of the local superstar band Linkin Park. Madonna, Green Day and others have donated autographed items to be auctioned on EBay. (www).

Clinton, who was making a sweep through town on behalf of his wife's presidential campaign, told the crowd at Burkle's house that "we didn't feel right about coming out [to Southern California] without doing something to help those who have been hurt" by the disaster.

He read from an article offering suggestions on preventing wildfires. One recommendation: put the electrical lines underground, Clinton told the crowd. (Streisand, a longtime resident of Malibu, responded with a resounding "yes!")

By 5:30 p.m, the Burkle event was wrapping up. Nearly $300,000 had been raised for the San Diego Foundation, a group that has been assisting fire victims for years.

"They need help in repairing their lives and getting back to some sense of normalcy," said Johnson, a longtime friend of the Clintons. (He recently had a fundraiser for Hillary at his Beverly Park home that brought in more than $500,000 for the senator's presidential campaign and rallied black support in Hollywood.)

As Johnson spoke, Clinton came up behind him and tapped him on the arm. They embraced, and the former president said, "I love you, man. I'll never forget what you did for her."

Johnson caught his breath as the former president walked away.

"Hillary is great," Johnson said. "She's a leader and the smartest person in this race."

And with that, Johnson sighed. "I've got to go. Cookie [Johnson's wife] is waiting for me."

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