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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tidbit on forthcoming TV Special + DVD.

Dear BarbraNews Readers...

Here is a copy of Army Archerd's Blog from yesterday. We presume Army is talking about the 2006 US Tour, and not 2007 tour as he stated.

BarbraNews would like to congratulate Gary and Maxine Smith (and of course Jake!).

Army Archerd's Blog.

"While Jenna Bush was walking up the aisle at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas to wed Henry Hager, in the garden of the Beverly Hills hotel, Brett Kassan, backgrounded by the record of Barbra Streisand singing "Nothing's Going to Harm You," joined Jake Smith for their religious wedding ceremony. They said their vows under a magnificent flower-filled chupah and they were applauded by the 300-plus black-tied guests of the bride's parents Ronnie and Michael Kassan and Maxine and Gary Smith. Inside the hotel's Crystal Ballroom guests were again treated to the sight and scents of botanical gardens at each table.of the civilian and showbiz guests. The bride's father, Michael is a world-renowned media consultant, the groom's is honored showbiz producer, Gary Smith. The bride and groom work for Conde Nast and Ogilvie respectively in New York.

Guests included Barbra Streisand and husband James Brolin. She'd known the groom, Jake Smith and his twin brother and Best Man, Zack Smith since they were -- three weeks old!, Jim Brolin had just arrived from the location of "Nailed" in which he plays the Speaker of the House. Brolin's no strarnger to the territory having played President Ronald Reagan. And now, son Josh B. is readying to star in Oliver Stone's biopic of George W. Bush. "I didn't want to play Reagan," Jim Brolin admitted to me, adding Josh also had negative feelings about playing Bush. However Stone was able to entice him to his office where a few touches of makeup convinced him to play Bush.. "It was amazing," Brolin, pere, told me. P.S. he also said the script is strong.

Gary Smith is also completing work as producer-director on the DVD version of Barbra Streisand's cross-country 2007 concert tour. It will first air as a TV special in Nov. followed by the DVD... Guests also included several members of SHARE. Maxene Smith is the group's Chairman of the Board. Gary again produces the show (May 31 at the Santa Monica Civic with Clint Holmes performing). Gary is also completing segs for the 11th AFI "100 movies" series, this one, "The AFI's 10 Top 10," toasting Animation, Fantasy, Romantic Comedies, Sci-Fi, Westerns, Gangsters, Sports, Courtroom Drama. Mystery and Epics -- with cohosts to match the categories. It airs June 17 on CBS and is the first big special under the AFI's Presidentcy of Bob Gazzale."

Monday, May 12, 2008

BarbraNews Shop + Review of 2006 Tour.

USA * Canada * UK/Europe
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