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Monday, 11 August 2008

15 Year Old Barbra Fan Passes -- One Year After Meeting Barbra

Craig, Could you please put a post on the board on behalf of all the members for 15 yr old Australian super-fan, James Hempenstall's family, his mother , father and sister.. He passed away on Thursday from an inoperable brain tumour.

James was invited to London to meet Barbra backstage at her last concerts there.
The following is from an earlier mag story on James:

Then the most biazrre email landed in Peter's ( his father) inbox. Streisand was peronally inviting James to her concert in London. If James could make it there-his father would have to pay for the flights himself - two front-row seats would be waiting for him.

James made it there, 25 hours across the world.

The seats were extroadinary. James looked along his aisle and saw Meryl Streep, Ralph Fiennes and John Lithgow. He was glad he was wearing his first suit. Backstage after the show, Erlichman said: " James, if you just turn around..." And there she was. She had no shoes on. She was shorter than he imagined. And she was stunning. " She blew my heart away out of my chest, " James recalls, his arms holding an invisible heart. " My heart went down into the ground and into the ocean and then through a shredder like she blew my heart away." He presented Barbra with a toy kangaroo. She wrapped her arms around the boy. " What an adorable koala, " she said. James laughed. Right then, there was nothing about his life that he wasn't thankful for.

P.S. this meeting was arranged thru Australia's Sony CEO , Denis Handlin who was an old friend of Erlichman's. James battled this condition his entire life. This all came about because James wanted to arrange a concert in Brisbane to raise $ 50,000 for the Childeren's Starlight Foundation. The concert is going to go ahead on August the 31st. He passed away 24 days short of his dream...

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